Fly Fishing For Dorado Loreto Baja Sur

Ok here is our latest video about our trip to Loreto last month. I have wanted to revisit Loreto for a while now and check out what the sport fishing scene is like down there. Loreto´s economy is 99.99 percent based on tourism and sport fishing is probably a major portion of that. All most all water sport activities in Loreto take place on pangas and I think there is a lot that can be learned from Loreto. The town right next to were we live here in San Carlos, Guaymas ,has virtually no pangas taking tourists out on the water. The same can be said for sport fishing. In Guaymas and here in San Carlos there are almost no people taking out tourists in pangas. If we are ever going to successfully help coastal artesanal commerical fisherman make the successful conversion to tourism this has got to change.

We have a couple of extra bonus videos to go along with this weeks main feature so go ahead and watch my interview with Pam Bolles from the Baja Big Fish Company. about sport fishing in Loreto, how the management of the Loreto Bay Marine Park is going, dubious science and why NGO´s don´t want to work with the sport fishing community.

We also had a chance to interview one of Pams Boat captains Alberto Macias Davis on how Conapesca unfairly comes down on sport fisherman inside the Loreto Bay Marine Park while leaving commerical fisherman to pretty much do what ever it is they please.  Enjoy the videos!!!

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  1. Vicente:
    Gracias por tu enorme esfuerzo e inagotable pasion por el respeto al mar, que se nos contagiemos.
    Representas un valor digno.
    Nos vemos pronto.

  2. Please fee free to leave a comment!!!!

    Thanks to Pam Bolles and all our new friends in Loreto for showing us a great time!!

    And thanks to bahia storage in san carlos for joining up with us as our newest Sponsor!!! Thanks Paulo!!

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