Guaymas Shrimp Boat sinks close to Cabo San Lucas: The Question is what was it doing there?

Guaymas Shrimp Boat sinks close to Cabo San Lucas: The Question is what was it doing there?

Screen shot 2015-08-05 at 11.00.02 AMSo this story of a Guaymas Shrimp boat crew being rescued by the Navy just south of Los Cabos. Of course all the media sites that have 1-a-naufragos-isla-de-pajarosregurgitated the story all pretty much state the facts. Seven crew members were floating around in the water in what looks to be an extremely cheesy and clearly inadequate life raft for seven crew members. These guys are lucky that the boat did not sink while they were crossing to the Baja from Guaymas. If it had then this story would be a very different story indeed..Now below are a list of the real questions that I would pose to CONPESCA, PROFEPA and the Capitaina del Puerto de Guaymas if I worked full time in the Mexican media and wanted to get at the heart of what the real story is here. the boat name was by  “Isla de Pájaros IV”, and is owned by a fishing Co-Op by the same name. la cooperativa pesquera del mismo nombre con sede en el puerto de Guaymas.


  1. What is a commercial shrimp boat from Guaymas doing in the Baja when it is not shrimp season yet?
  2. How deep is the water were the boat was sunk?
  3. What was in the boat when it sunk?
  4. What fishing permits did they have on board the boat?
  5. How could a boat that was clearly in such bad condition pass inspection by the Port Captain and be given a despacho (permit) to go the baja?
  6. Are shrimp boats required to have bigger life rafts?
  7. Will the Co-Op be fined for poluting the waters of Los Cabos with a stinky shrimp boat from Guaymas.

Those are just a few questions that come to mind. I won’t hold my breath to see if there are any more stories reported other than the standard “Navy to the rescue” story. This case will be closed and forgotten about soon but the systemic problems that lead up to this will continue.





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