Sport fisherman in San Carlos need to stop killing sharks

It has been a month or so since a friend of mine gave me a video of the sport charter boat Don Julio, based out of the Marina San Carlos and owned by the Marina Terra Hotel, beating the living shit out of a tiny shark that they had just caught not far from isla San Pedro Nolasco. While technically the sport charter captain probably did nothing wrong legally, assuming the sport fisherman had fishing permits, we should talk about the moral dilemma faced when you kill a shark now in the Sea of Cortes. Which is, there aren’t many left. I remember when I first moved here to San Carlos I used to frequently see hammer head sharks at San Pedro Island. It is relatively rare now to see sharks out there but recently there seems to be a small comeback of sharks in the area. Last year a buddy of mine watched in awe as a great white shark devoured a california sea lion just a hundred feet from his panga, which just happened to be anchored at the light house on San Pedro Island.

I am going to follow up on this shark killing video and speak with the hotel and the captain of the boat and see what they have to say. In the meantime here is what we would ask of the sportfishing community in San Carlos.

Have a heart release the sharks!

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