What does the Tenacatita Land Grab & the Dolphinarium in San Carlos have in Common

Well I feel kind of like an idiot now since I had no idea what so ever that the beach at Tenacatita in Jalisco has been in dispute for years and in August of 2010 Riot police forcibly evicted the residents of Revelcito and Tenacatita. Here is a recent post on Tenacatita

 As usual in Mexico information that is accurate and truthful is hard to come by. Especially if you read the main stream media reports. Today Ines and I and the kids were evicted from a beach by gun toting  state police officer or private security guard, if you can believe that. Any way the fact that we had no idea of what was going on down here makes me think of good old San Carlos once again.

Case in point, I was reading this article in El Portal de la Noticia about the delfinarium in San Carlos the other day. The article states that there are hundreds of children waiting desperately for their dolphin therapy’s but alas there are no dolphins at the dolphinarium because the contract expired with Dolphin Discovery and they removed their animals. They also mention  in the article that Profepa has asked them to make a few modifications to the pool where the dolphins live.

Well here is the truth that the media is not allowed to report. Modifications my ass,  Profepa has shut down the dolphinarium untill they fix the filtration system that has been in disrepair for ages now. In other words the dumb ass cowboys who run that place need to do a little maintenance on the place.

Another little gem that was not mentioned in the article is that Alex Gomez Rubio, the man who ran the place up until Padres became governor finally got one of his dolphins back from the facility. Profepa confiscated the dolphin just a few weeks ago. This was very important indeed since this dolphin has been living for well over a month now by itself. You see Alex had two dolphins at the facility and when his contract expired the new governor Gulliermo Padres refused to give the dolphins back. In the interim one of Alex’s dolphins died. He has been involved in a long legal battle ever since.

Now the reason that Dolphin Discovery pulled out of San Carlos had less to do with the contract expiring and more to due with the fact that the state government had not paid them in over 4 months. Now for Alex this was a great deal since what that meant was that Dolphin Discovery pulls their dolphins out thus leaving his dolphin alone. Which under mexican law is illegal. Dolphins being very social animals are required by law to never be left alone. Alex’s dolphin was alone for quite some time, well over a month. It is probably a small miracle the dolphin survived at all.

But the story gets better actually. When Dolphin Discovery pulls out of town the cowboys out there who run the place, knowing full well that Profepa will shut their asses down if they don’t get another dolphin in the pen soon to accompany Alex’s dolphin, actually formulated a plan to take one of the local bottle nose dolphins who live in the bay and put it in captivity. From what I understand they were going to do the deed and then claim that the dolphin had beached itself and was sick and thus they were going to bring it to the dolphinarium for treatment.

Yep thats what the real story is but you wont here it reading any of the news papers in Guaymas or Hermosillo though!! Now I actually think with the reputation that facility has it may be quite some time before any other vendors will want to put their dolphins out there.  I actually hope that the place closes down. It was an idiotic thing to build in San Carlos and the state simply can not afford to run the place let alone the fact that dolphins in captivity are simply a bad idea to begin with.

I will get back to our Tenacatita story later this week but I can tell you that I never in a million years today thought that I was gonna be threatened with a 45 caliber pistol on the Alegre (Happy) Coast of Tenacatita. Just goes to show you that no matter where you go….. there you are…..

Viva Mexico Cabrones!

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