We await the decisions of the Presidential Task Force on IUU

For years we have fought to stop the illegal exportation of dorado, dolphin fish or also known as mahi mahi from entering the U.S form Mexico. We now wait for the Presidential task force to decide if dorado will be prohibited from entering the U.S.A.

Below was information that was posted on our home page for WorldsAquarium for many months.

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Help stop the illegal exportation of Dorado from Mexico into the United States


WorldsAquairum just participated in this years Blue Vision Summit in Washington D.C. 11th to the 14th of May 2015 and soon we will be starting a Crowd Funding campaign dealing with an independent monitoring program for La Vaquita Marina. After a full week in D.C. we urge all sport fisherman in San Carlos to read the information below and please participate.

The information provided below is in regards to the Public Comments that NOAA is now taking on illegal, unreported, unregulated (IUU) Fishing and Seafood Fraud. Click here for PDF

ChartGo DoradoWe urge everyone to please go to the links below and comment. Let the presidential task force on IUU here your comments. The issue is simple. Mexican fishing law, specifically Article 68 makes it illegal to commercially fish dorado. It is also illegal to export dorado from Mexico to the United States. Last year almost 700,000 kilos of fish entered the United States from Mexico. Much of that from fish was from the Sea of Cortes. See graph at left. Graph information comes directly from the NOAA trade query web site which can be found by clicking here.

Click here to go to the Federal Register to make a public comment

Many comments have now been made on Dorado. Click Here to read recent comments from the public! Keep up the great work everyone and keep commenting!

Please tell NOAA that you believe that dorado from Mexico should be included to the list of IUU at-risk species. Dorado from Mexico should not be allowed to be imported into the United States for a number of reasons. All sport fisherman who have fished out of San Carlos, Sonora Mexico understand that there is a huge turtle by-catch in the illegal long line dorado fishery in Mexico. In the past The NOAA has enacted a prohibition on shrimp from Mexico due to incidental by-catch of turtles. Shrimp fishing is legal in Mexico. NOAA continues to allow dorado, which is an illegal fishery in Mexico, to enter the United States. Dorado has a 20% incidental by-catch of marine turtles. Many thousands of times higher than the shrimp fishery. Illegal fish mafias in Mexico must no longer be allowed to import dorado to the Unites States. I urge fisherman to upload their pictures of turtles on long lines. Let the government know business as usual in the Sea of Cortes will no long be accepted. If the Mexican refuse to enforce their own laws that is one thing. American can strengthen Mexican law by simply inforcing their own laws which prohibit fish illegally taken in Mexico to be imported to the U.S.

NOAA is now taking public comments at the Federal Registry until the 8th of June. To make a public comment click on the Federal Registry or register to attend the following webinar:

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Worlds Aquarium is an independent watch dog agency that strives to keep an eye on what is going on throughout the Sea of Cortes. We publish special reports and videos on the health of the gulf. Soon we will publish our crowd sourcing campaign on the extremely endangered harbor porpoise La Vaquita Marina. WorldsAquarium plans on spending several months in the Vaquita Refuge this winter to independently monitor the governments gill net ban in the northern gulf.

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