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Bahia Careyes        19° 26.400′ N

                               105° 02.500′ W


I am going to put this page in here for nostalgia and nothing more since there is almost no reason what so ever to stop here at Careyes anymore since there is absolutely no services what so ever and all the hotels in the area have now become privatized. With Chamela bay just to the north and Farrallon and Tenacatita to the south Careyes is nothing more than an impressive site from the Ocean with it’s huge mansions overlooking the pacific. We stopped here in June and anchored by the dock between playa blanca, the north beach, and playa rosa the middel beach, which was pretty bumpy. It did look like you might be able to tuck in on the south beach were the old Bel Mar hotel used to be located as well. In a north westerly you would have a reasonably nice anchorage in front of the old club med at playa blanca.



Mansion on Northern Point of Careyes
taken from middle anchorage



As you can see by the sat image above, zoom out a bit, this small area is marked by three distinct beaches divided by rocky cliffs. There is one obvious rock hazard marked on the image above if you enter from the North.