Ipala & Tehuamixtle

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20 degrees 14 minutes N, 105 degrees 36 minutes W


Great White Shark of Ipala

I have been to this quaint anchorage on several occasions now in various kinds of weather. The first time I anchored here was in a strong northwesterly on a return to the coast from Isla Socorro. On that occasion, in a 26 foot monohull, were blown past the point at Cabo Corrientes and took refuge here in Ipala. The town itself is named Tehuamixtle and over the years it has grown but not a lot. There are now two mini super markets, several small hotels and restaurants along with an itsy bitsy malecon and cobble stone boat ramp. All very quaint indeed. Ipala also boasts one very big ass great white shark replica right next to the ramp. It is a bit bumpy in a southerly so this is really a winter time anchorage although I recently spent the night here in summer. The local cooperative is now cultivating oysters in the middle of the bay so you have to anchor on either side of the the buoy’s that maintain the oysters in place.