South of the Border Land of Disorder Part Two

It has been a bit over a month since I posted the first video in this series of videos on the Ordaz family and how they try to screw unsuspecting gringos out of money and or property or bring false charges against people that have exposed them for how they truly are. One of the main reasons false charges were brought up against Susan Canelli was to try to force her to remove this web site from the internet. You see one of the ways in which the Ordaz’s try to screw people is to tell them that they can save money by using their trust company to set up a bank trust for foreigners who purchase property in San Carlos. Of course this is completely illegal and only a real bank can set up a trust for someone. I am not sure when the web site was last updated but there is plenty of information at the above site to mull over.


I am certainly not the first person to write about the misdeeds or the Ordaz’s. There were a few others before me who had the guts to speak out. One of them in particular owned a small t-shirt shop above Gary’s dive shop. His name was Zurdo Rodriguez. He was an articulate writer and never afraid to write the truth about the Ordaz’s exploits.


Below is a short passage from Zurdo Rodriguez’s blog about Kim and Sues case and lot 472 on the Caracol peninsula and at this link you can find a story he wrote on the  Fiesta Hotel Villas Serena disaster.

“Some years back, after realizing that she had a chance to illegally take said property as if it were her own; Catalìna Ordaz plotted and filed two illegal tricks at the Court, while at the same time -and without any authorization- she proceeded to build a house; it is still a mystery how she got the required permits from municipal authority. Nevertheless, it was easy to believe that everything got accomplished thanks to corruption, which is so common in our times.”

I wonder how much money Catalina Ordaz had to pay in Guaymas to get a permit to build a house on a lot she did not own. I also wonder if anything will be any different under the new PRI mayor Otto Clausen. Only time will tell I suspect.

So in recognition of Mr. Jose (Zurdo) G. Rodriguez’s passing this year I dedicate part two in our series to him. May he rest in peace.

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  1. Once again Vince you have given an excellent report regarding certain individuals. It helps people to make better decisions regarding who the deal with.

  2. It would seem that the Rattlesnake Clan of San Carlos has been thoroughly exposed yet again. This time the truth was presented by two courageous photojournalists.

    Vince and Inez have a very good business in San Carlos wherein customers learn and enjoy what Mexico is really about (all of the fun watersports).

    They did not have to do this report. But somebody had to do it. San Carlos does not deserve the reputation this Ordaz clan has caused.

    Muchisimo Gracias Vince and Inez


  3. Please feel free to comment. I also would like to thank all those who sponsored this video since it would have been impossible to produce with out you. As you know these are very time consuming pieces and this file has grown to 250 gigabytes on my hard drive. It is hard to believe that the file is that big and of course I have tremendous amounts of footage that was never used.

    Thanks also to KImberly & Susan for allowing me to invade their lives and also to their Lawyer Pedro who wan’t afraid to speak about the case and tell it like it is!

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