• Wave crashes into Los Islotes Espiritu Santo

  • Sophie & Clair cooling off

  • Raol from CONANP

  • Calafia shows her scars from previous operation

  • Raol & Omar prepare to dart Tony, Los Islotes
  • Target Practise, Ensenada Grande Espiritu Santo

South of the Border Land of Disorder Part 1

As I sit here in my boat anchored in Front of Puerto Vallarta waiting for the next tropical storm to clear as we sail south I wish you all in San Carlos the best!!!!

Now if anyone out there has had a similar experience of harassment here in San Carlos please feel free to post a comment below. The best way to avoid these kinds of hassles start with understanding the mechanism of how you may be harassed. In John Papels case all of this could have been easily avoided but of course John had no idea of who he was dealing with and at what lengths Richard Baca was willing to go. So just understand if you get into a pissing match with anyone from Sunshine Realty they will have no problem what so ever going to the Authorities and spewing a pack of lies to extort money from you.

By the way we did give Richard Baca many opportunities to explain why he put an 81 year old retiree into a Mexican Jail but he refused all my attempts. I wonder why?

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  2. Too bad your having to go thru this baloney John, great reporting Vinny, best advise is to spread the word, get yourself and your money out of this country, and tell everyone you can (Americans, Canadians, heck Chinese) to spend their time and money in other places a bit more friendly. Amazingly Just the other day I was looking at “ratings” of corruption for different countries around the planet, Mexico was mid range (?????) #1 corrupted was New Zeland (????) Go figure…….. USA was #49, the slavik countries were the least corrupted, (Denmark, Sweeden, etc.)

    • Rick

      I hear you man. But not all Mexico is like this. San Carlos is a good place you just have to stay away from the clan! Really!

      Also, no attornes in GSC. Ask somebody. Then you will know what to do.

  3. You’ve got balls of steel Vince. Congratulations on standing up for the good people of San Carlos. Keep up the excellent work . Happy sailing.

  4. Of course everything is about DINEROOO, Ordaz sister´s and brother and husband are a very well known family here!!! If you think only poor people are dangerous because they want to steal your money, well here is an example that corruption is at all levels.
    Shame on you Mr. Baca, we all deserve respect, and this 81 year old person is just trying live a descent life in our country, so we hope authorities do the correct thing about this. Thanks Vincent for sharing this information, regards.

  5. Very well done! Please, residents of beautiful San Carlos, familiarize yourselves with the legal system and political situation and learn Spanish! This story justly highlighted the importance of having good friends to form a support network and help with translation, locating crucial documents and so on. With language skills, understanding of the system and a good community rallying together anyone and everyone can be a force to stop corruption and abuse. Si se puede!

  6. The travesties committed by this family have finally found a forum. Viva San Carlos wimped out early. Thank you Vince!

    We have a wonderful community but the trustworthy real estate folks have been tarnished beyond repair.

    The interesting thing is that the Ordaz could have been very successful without this outrageous conduct . . . and it just gets better (worse?). Hopefully, the citizens of San Carlos will pay close attention . . . and NOT FOGET the truth you provide.


  8. Vince….. AWESOME production. I hadn’t heard the entire story about poor John. It made me sick. Thanks you for supporting him and bringing the truth to light!!! Keep up the good work!

  9. Vince, you have done an excellent job reporting the facts. Keep it up. Very Strange Richard Baca wouldn’t comment.

  10. Hi Vince,
    Very interesting video! I know Richard Baca socially and have done business with the Ordaz sisters. I am not a friend of Baca’s or the sisters and, fortunately, have not experienced any problems unlike many others. To me, John Papal seems to be very credible. What a shame he has had to endure this treatment over a relatively minor issue you would think could be easily resolved. Thank you for a great job of reporting. I look forward to Part 2. One question, do I need to sign up on World Aquarium to be included in future emails?

    Joe Nelson

    • if you are signed up for the san carlos tv news letter Joe then will get the next video link sent to your email. I have two email lists one for worldsaquarium and one for san carlos tv but I am not putting much content on san carlos tv right now.

  11. Want to amend my comment to say I personally can’t say anything bad about Snow Bird Realty, only was told “things” and of course that means it is just rumors, which are just that, only rumors. Probably not good to pass rumors along without personal knowledge.

  12. What an injustice! Yes, you want to really steer clear of any legal problems in Mexico, no matter how small. “Influences” mean everything in Mexico, although I have seen things changing for the better in this area (corruption), but slowly. Money still talks! By the way was Sunshine Realty formerly called Snow Bird Realty? The location is the same, and I had heard some bad things about Snow Bird (also concerning legal issues), when I first moved to San Carlos, and was told to steer clear of any dealings with them. Too bad we have these types in our wonderful community of San Carlos, where most of the residents are “good as gold” and even the police are helpful and kind. Wanting to hear more about this case, how did it end? I am assuming his release was the end of it all? And the TWO LADIES???? Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks so much for the information, your site is wonderful!

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