How You Can Help

Through the use of multi media we will keep our community informed of the most important issues of our times in regards to the Gulf of California, the Worlds Aquarium.
Here is how you can help. We are looking for individuals who would be interested in joining our team of bloggers that we are setting up through out the Gulf of California. The power of blogging can not be denied. Our objective is to set up a network of bloggers who will be everyones eyes and ears around the gulf. If you have never done any blogging I can assure you it is an easy and effective way to tell people what is really going on out on the water. There are no reporters out there on the high seas keeping us informed of the health of the Sea of Cortes so we must take matters into our own hands and inform people of what is happening.
A perfect example of this is the whale rescue that I organized and executed on June 13th of 2011. How many of these types of incidents go unreported? How can we hold the government and Conapesca accountable if we do not know what is really happening out on the high seas. We need people who are out on the ocean every day blogging about what they see. Informing those who care about conservation of the Sea of Cortes. Join us!!!
If you are interested in blogging for us please let me know and I will sign you up for you own blog at it is totally free and I promise that you will not regret it!!!!
Sincerely Vince Radice