Isla San Pedro Martir

San Pedro Martir: The most remote oceanic island in the Sea of Cortes


This is a video in spanish Ines and I did for Telemax, the state run T.V. station in Hermsoillo



I threw some of my favorite images of Martir together mixed with a little vivaldi for good measure


 The history of this island is very special with out a doubt. In the late 19th and early 20th century Guano or for us normal people, bird shit, was heavily mined off the island and shipped off as far as Europe to be used as fertilizer. With the mining boats came an un wanted visitor, namely the black rat. The rats have been living on the islands now until the fall of 2007 when an NGO out of Ensenada conservacion de islas successfully exterminated them by spraying a specially designed poison, in the form of pelots, on the island. 
















Special thanks to Aracelis Sanmaniego for this black rat photo!


The most isolated and oceanic of all islands in the gulf San Pedro Martir boasts several endemic species. The most important being Uta Palmeri. This little lizards favorite food of choice I suspect are the sardines that sea birds reguritate to feed their young.   

San Pedro Martir is a heavil protected biosphere reserve now and also has a off limits fishing area, that means sport fising and commercial fishin, which emcompasses the whole east side of the island as illustrated in the map below. So the whole red area is called the Zona Nucleo or Core Zone that commerical fisherman and biologist´s working with NGO´s and the Government decided upon together. If you would like to walk aroudn on the island please make sure you get the proper permits. For more information call or conatct Islas de Gulf de California.

Islas de Gulf de California Phone number in Guaymas Sonora 52-622-221-0400/0300


Special thanks to Chuey Ventura from Islas del Gulfo de California for providing this map!



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