Melaque & Barra De Navidad

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Melaque Y Barra de Navidad        19° 13.140′ N

                                                           104° 42.790′ W


Entering Melaque from the north

Melaque and Barra de Navidad are nice stops just south of Tenacatita and the first real anchorages north of Manzanillo. We stayed here in Summer and spent one very bouncy night in Melaque before moving to the laguna at Barra de Navidad. During the first few days of our summertime, middle of July, visit we encountered enormous swell in the bay which made the surfers of the area

The ruined hotel 1995 earthquake still stands

exceptionally happy and anchoring in Melaque virtually impossible. On our return trip to the area at the end of August we had a very calm nice anchorage in 25 feet of water right in front of the ruined hotel from the 1995 earthquake.





Inside the laguna of Barra de Navidad you will of course always be treated to a pretty calm spot to sleep but also the possibility of more mosquitos. So during our July visit we anchored on the

We anchor right in front of Marina see custom map above

west side of the main channel just in front of the Resort. See the custom map above. This anchorage was ideal for us since I could kayak to the point, about 100 feet from our boat, and take my bike out for a spin around town.