Paraiso Cove

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Paraiso                 19° 28.348′ N

                          105° 03.607′ W


snorkeling @ Paraiso Cove

Even though I briefly mentioned Pariso in the page on Chamela it is such a beautiful anchorage that it completely deserves its own page so here it is. Located at the end of Chamela just inside punta Etopia is the beautiufl spilt cove of Paraiso. The cove can get a bit bumpy in a northwesterly wind, which we did experience during summer actually. If  you do find yourself anchored there as we did in a

Magnificent Frigate shows his colors

northwesterly blow we simply moved closer to the lee of the two small islands that mark the entrance to the cove. In southerly weather the cove is flat as any anchorage you will find. There is a rental house and coconut plantation at the cove and in the  heart of rainy season you might want to anchor a bit out side the cove. We have anchored here on two separate occasions during summer. Once in June and then again in August. In June we had almost no mosquitos to deal with but by the end of August we found ourselves attached at the very same spot so be aware of that during the rainy season.


There are several blow holes arches and caves in the area so kayaking around the small islands just in front of the cove is a wonderful experience. There are also several coconut plantations in the area and one of the caretakers was kind enough to share a few coconuts with us so I would feel free to explore the several plantations in the area. The entrance to the cove is straight forward with no real hazards observed. I have entered from both sides of the small islands found in front of the cove.