Punta Farrallon

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Punta Farrallon        19° 23.714′ N

                               105° 01.532′ W

Beach & Anchorage from Copa del Sol

All the cruisers guides I have seen don’t mention anything on Punta Farrallon. This is a huge mistake since the anchorage is stunning

Solar powered lighthouse
of Punta Farrallon

with an incredible number of sea caves and arches to kayak, excellent snorkeling, stunning views from the light house along with uninhabited beaches. The day we arrived we were greeted by half naked paddle boarding beauties who most likely were visiting the eccentric Italian who constructed with out doubt the largest weirdest sculpture on the coast.  Just below the light house and Copa de Sol monument there is a wonderful series of arches and caves. Anchor your dinghy or kayak in 10 feet of sand and snorkel with the  huge number of spotted eagle rays that we encountered there on our visit towards the end of August. Farrallon is by nature an anchorage with excellent protection from the south but totally open to north and westerly winds. Since we arrived on a very windy summer southerly we found the anchorage calm and as described above, stunning!


Find the road at the end of the beach and keep bearing right to hike up to the light house and monument. Make friends with the light house keeper of 22 years and counting Senor Don Juan. Juan showed us the recently upgraded improvements to the lighthouse. The light house no longer needs a generator since they have  installed solar panels and batteries. He also very graciously allowed us to go to the top of the light house for stunning views and great photo opps!