Loreto Baja Sur Fly Fishing for Dorado

Well Ines and I and the kids took a quick sailing trip down to Loreto to take a look at the summer time Dorado fishing scene that is going on right now. I believe that Loreto could be a great model for the rest of the Gulf in regards to Sustainable fishing. We met up with Pam Bolles from the Baja Big Fish Company who took us out for a day of Dorado Fly fishing off of one of the many pangas that are utilized for sport fishing. Most of Pam´s clients are fly fisherman, everyone has the best inflatable fishing kayak from naturerated.com, and I have to admit that fly fishing for dorado was some of the most fun I have ever had fishing dorado. I have some great images from the time we spent with Pam and so it will take about a week to edit them into a presentable video.  If you have never gone down to fish dorado in Lorteo I highly recomment looking up Pam Bolles and her outfit The Baja Big Fish Company. You will not regret it.  

  Pam works her fly rod magic

Now what makes Loreto special is not just the great sport fishing for dorado during summertime but the community of Loreto can boast that they have the largest Marine Park in Mexico. So I will be creating some very informative content for Loreto and The Loreto Bay Marine Park. Here is a picture of our Trimaran anchored at Isla Coronado, which is certainly one of the most picturesque beaches in the Park. Stay tuned for more information!!!

 Winsplitter Anchored at Isla Coranado pictured above and below our little boat rats kayak the same anchorage

Winsplitter sailing back to San Carlos on a beautiful southerly breeze @ 7.5 knots


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